The hyaluronic acids of the new generation

At the 11th Congress for Anti Aging and Aesthetic Medicine in Monaco, the Allergan company presented its latest hyaluronic acid development: a hyaluronic acid gel whose matrix is much more strongly cross-linked than was previously the case with a filler. The body needs much longer to break down hyaluronic acid than with conventional products. This means that the three products of this fourth-generation are much more effective for a longer period of time and the treatment result lasts longer.

These new products, which are based on the Vycross technology, include Volbella®, Voluma® and Volift®. All three hyaluronic acid preparations have special properties and are targeted at specific applications:

  • Juvederm Voluma® has been specially developed to restore lost volume in the face, e.g. in the cheek area. It has the strongest lifting effect of all the products and the longest durability.
  • Juvederm Volbella® is ideal for the treatment of lip wrinkles and for the recontouring of the lips. The hyaluronic gel is so smooth and malleable that, when used correctly, it conjures up beautiful natural fullness and freshness on the lips.

These fillers can be injected even more easily and specifically, and the patient benefits enormously from even more natural and gentle results. As the hyaluronic gel of the products draws less water, while maintaining good hydration of the skin, there is hardly any swelling after the injection. Especially in the area of the lips, which are the most sensitive and most likely to react to swelling in some patients, these new generation hyaluronic acids are a huge step forward.