A facelift is generally understood to be a surgical facelift. A facelift focuses on the entire face, not just individual wrinkles (see wrinkle treatment). It is about the rejuvenation of large areas: A facelift smoothens facial and neck wrinkles and tightens the face as a whole. However, a facelift is a costly operation, which can be avoided in many cases thanks to modern wrinkle treatment methods. Thanks to special injection methods, a lift without an operation is well suited to smoothing the skin over large areas and restoring volume. On the one hand, this involves wrinkles that are filled in. But it is also about volume that has been lost over the years: the cheeks have sagged and the facial proportions have changed. Overall, the fresh, youthful appearance of the face is lost.

Liquid Lift with hyaluronic acid

The Liquid Lift (Lifting without OP is particularly suitable for the Scaddle Lift). In this method, hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin over a large area with special cannulas. A particularly convincing effect is achieved by combining different hyaluronic acids. In some areas light, thin-bodied hyaluronic acid is applied, other parts of the face need a firmer active ingredient. Important for the Liquid Lift is the use of the gentle pix’L cannula. The rounded tip of the cannula does not pierce the tissue and no tissue damage occurs. Therefore, bruises or injuries are rare during this treatment. The pain is also less with Liquid Lift than with conventional forms of treatment.

The volume build-up with hyaluronic acid is sometimes combined with a Botox® treatment. The relaxation of expression lines complements the volume build-up perfectly. Like any injection wrinkle treatment, a facelift without surgery must be repeated regularly, as the injected active ingredients are broken down in the body over time.