The term anti-aging refers to all measures that slow down and soften the natural aging process. High quality of life, good looks, and a vibrant appearance are now possible regardless of biological age. The human body ages for various reasons: Decrease in hormone levels, slowed cell renewal, and the breakdown of various endogenous substances such as hyaluronic acid. These are some of the biological changes that take place in the body over the years. External influences such as UV radiation, polluted air, unhealthy lifestyle, etc. also contribute significantly to visible and invisible aging. Good anti-aging therapies stop this aging process by, for example, replacing lost substances or gently filling in wrinkles that have formed. The aim of anti-aging is to feel fit and healthy regardless of age and to radiate this to the outside world.

The individual Anti Aging Program

Everyone can do a lot to feel good in the long run and to mitigate the negative effects of aging:

  • Healthy, nutritious diet
  • Avoid too much weight
  • Regular exercise, e.g. light endurance sports
  • abstain from excessive alcohol consumption and smoking
  • No extensive sunbathing
  • stress reduction

Aesthetic Anti Aging

Aesthetic Anti Aging puts the main focus on the changes in the skin. Because: Even with a healthy lifestyle, skin aging starts at the age of about 25 years. At some point the first small wrinkles become visible. Modern anti-aging medicine has various methods available for gentle wrinkle treatment. It no longer has to be the big facelift, even injections with Botox® or hyaluronic acid, laser therapy or autologous blood therapy make unwanted wrinkles disappear.