Wrinkle treatment with botulinum toxin (e.g. with the preparation Botox® / Xeomin® / Azzalure® / Vistabel® / Bocouture® / Dysport®) has been practiced for many years. Botulinum toxin is a bacterial toxin from its origin. In small amounts it is absolutely harmless to humans and can be used for various treatments. The anti-wrinkle treatment uses the paralyzing effect of botulinum toxin. The active ingredient blocks nerve impulses in the muscles, i.e. the muscle can no longer be tensed. Wrinkles, which are caused by the contraction of muscles, can thus be prevented.

Botox® against expression lines

Botox® is mainly used for facial wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows (“frown line”), next to the eyes (“crow’s feet”) and on the nose. These wrinkles are not caused by the natural aging of the skin, but by the repeated movements of the skin. The expression lines become deeper over the years and are eventually felt to be disturbing. Botox® smoothes these wrinkles considerably, as the muscles can no longer contract after the injection. The effect of Botox® injections lasts 4-6 months, after which a repeat treatment is necessary. It is recommended to have the Botox® treatment performed only by experienced specialists. Therapy by a specialist attaches importance to the natural expression of a face and avoids excessive paralysis of the muscles.

Botulinum toxin is also used to treat other complaints. Botox® helps with excessive sweating, tension pains and migraine. These treatments also take advantage of the ability of botulinum toxin to suppress nerve impulses. The active substance reduces sweating, muscles relax and pain is alleviated. The injections must also be repeated regularly in these cases, as the effect wears off after a few months.