The Pix’l needle enables a non-surgical facelift without downtime and hematomas!

Over time, the contours of our face change. Formerly youthful plump cheeks sink, nasolabial folds form under the weight, the tissue loses elasticity, the tissue volume under the skin decreases or shifts.

With the help of fillers (substances for filling and shaping), the face can be given back its youthful contours. This involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the tissue, thus giving the face the volume it has lost. The skin becomes firmer and smoother, unevenness is softened and the tissue is visibly refreshed and well cared for thanks to the moisture-binding properties of hyaluronic acid. For this method of Liquid Lift there is now a new, sensational high-tech cannula, the pix’L needle. With its blunt, rounded tip, it penetrates the tissue almost painlessly and causes virtually no tissue damage, i.e. hematomas. Most of our patients are already salonable again after the treatment, the results are natural and even. A real innovation!

This high-tech cannula is available in different sizes and is chosen according to the area to be treated or the hyaluronic acid was chosen. With the pix’L needle, other areas of the body can be rejuvenated, such as the hands, décolleté, chin, the eye area, temples, and cheeks.

pix’L needle 30 Gauche – ideal for fine eye wrinkles

The blunt, tissue-protecting pix’L cannula, which does not simply pierce the tissue during injections, as is the case with pointed hypodermic needles, is now available in 30 gauche. This cannula is tiny and thin and especially suitable for the sensitive, delicate eye area. With it, even the finest and smallest wrinkles around the eyes can be gently smoothed out, even in the upper eyelid area.

Professional treatment of the eye area with dermal fillers gives the face an immediate fresh and rejuvenating effect.