A thread lift is a procedure to tighten the skin. It can be used to treat various trouble zones, such as the edge of the chin in an individual with jowls, the typical “turkey neck”, or the cleavage area, which is often damaged by ultraviolet radiation. Using this method, we can provide our patients with a natural, long lasting, and instantly visible result. In addition, patients experience the relief that comes with getting rid of a blemish that has been bothersome for years and which has had a negative impact on their self-esteem, choice of clothing, and even mood.

The result is not only esthetically pleasing immediately post-treatment but also leaves a noticeable rejuvenation that remains long after the threads have been broken down. The area to be treated is marked and labeled with the help of so-called directional vectors. Next, the area is thoroughly disinfected. Using aseptic technique and minimizing pain, the threads, also known as sutures, are introduced into the skin so that the desired tightening effect takes place. The size of the area to be treated determines how many sutures need to be used. The effects of the treatment can last up to two years and treatments can be easily repeated in six-month intervals if necessary.

We only utilize sutures that are biocompatible and that the body is capable of absorbing and breaking down, meaning that allergic reactions are extremely rare. The sutures are made of a substance called polydioxanone (POD), an established product that has been used in surgical absorbable sutures for decades to close internal wounds, for example. After the procedure, the puncture sites may show redness and swelling which generally recedes within two days post-treatment.

Price: starting at 1400€