Hyaluronic acid wrinkle injection

Injection with the Pix’l cannula and endogenous active substances

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our skin and stores over 90 percent of the body’s own moisture. Wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid directly addresses visible and deep wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds or frown lines. Depending on the findings, different areas are injected with a water gel-like filling material, which is very similar to the body’s own composition, and thus filled in and wrinkles are indirectly reduced. Juvederm Volift® lasts even longer and is better tolerated. You can also use large-volume hyaluronic acid for lifting (see Facelift without surgery or Liquid-Lift or volume build-up).

The hyaluronic acid is injected very gently on the tissue using a special cannula (pix’L needle). There is hardly any pain or tissue trauma so that most patients can continue their daily routine without downtime. The cannula is designed so that the substance flows evenly and well through it, which simplifies handling for the doctor and enables highly precise and natural results! It is very effective to enrich hyaluronic acid with the body’s own active ingredients and to introduce these into the uppermost layer of the skin via microinjections (mesotherapy). Mesotherapy acts like a “moisture pack” from the inside, refreshes the skin, smoothes out fine wrinkles, improves tissue supply and skin texture.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate and is found throughout the human body, with a large part of this substance being found in the skin. Hyaluronic acid has an incredibly large water storage capacity. It is formed in the skin by the fibroblasts and provides volume and freshness. The older we get, the more the hyaluronic acid content in the skin decreases. In aesthetics, in the field of wrinkle treatment, hyaluronic acid is offered in different particle sizes depending on the depth of wrinkles and area (Emervel Deep, Emervel Volume, Emervel Touch, Emervel Lips, Sub Q, Restylane Vital, Restylane Vital Light, Juvederm ULTRA, Juvederm Volume, Juvederm Volift, Juvederm Retouch, Juvederm Vobella, Belotero, Softline and Softline max.)

How does hyaluronic acid work against wrinkles?

With increasing age wrinkles develop, mainly due to loss of volume of the connective tissue, facial expression, and gravitational stress. Hyaluronic acid is suitable for filling skin lines up to the treatment of larger tissue defects. By injecting it into the wrinkles, hyaluronic acid raises the skin level, which is adjusted to the surrounding tissue. The effect lasts about 6-12 months. We also recommend that a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid preparation, ideally with highly effective antioxidants, be applied to the skin at regular intervals at home: either as a cure or as a refresher for in between.

Which materials are used for what?

  • Restylane Vital light, mesotherapy with the body’s own proteins:
    for fine lines around the cheeks and eyes, wrinkles around the mouth (lip wrinkles, smoker’s wrinkles), neck wrinkles, aging hands and décolleté
  • Juvederm Vobella, Emervel Lips:
    for lip wrinkles & for lip volume and lip enhancement
  • Emervel Touch, Emervel Deep, Emervel Volume, Boletero; Softline max; Juvederm ultra:
    nasolabial folds, corner of the mouth, and puppet wrinkles. Forehead wrinkles as well as frown lines can also be treated with hyaluronic acid in addition to the toxotherapy. Lachrymal furrows rings under the eyes, flaccidity of the earlobes and enlargement of the ear holes are good indications for hyaluronic acid and lead to great aesthetic results. Nasal humps and unevenness of the nose can be repaired with hyaluronic acid in combination with Botox®. This eliminates the need for a nose correction operation!

areas that can be filled up/treated with corresponding hyaluronic acids

  • Injection of the nasolabial fold
  • correction of the nose shape (without surgery)
  • spraying of the surgical lip area (smoothing of smoker’s wrinkles)
  • lip contouring
  • lip injection (lip volume, lip shape)
  • filling of the corner of the mouth wrinkles (puppet wrinkles, “Merkel wrinkles”)
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth
  • Filling of tissue defects in the chin and jaw area
  • earlobe embellishment (filling up of the too-large ear holes or volumization in case of tissue loss)
  • Smoothing the small wrinkles in front of the ear
  • refreshing the small skin wrinkles in the décolleté, back of the hands, neck, cheek and eye area
  • filling of acne scars
  • Smoothing the frown line
  • Lifting of the eyebrow in case of drooping eyelids
  • Injection into the lacrimal furrow of the lacrimal sac
  • Treatment of the lower lid region
  • Acne scar treatment

What are the side effects of treatment with hyaluronic acid?

Treatment with hyaluronic acid may cause short-term redness and swelling, possibly small hematomas in the injected area. Otherwise, the treatment with hyaluronic acid is absolutely harmless. With local anesthesia, the procedure is also almost painless. Since the use of the innovative new pix’L-cannula, an injection needle with a rounded, blunt tip, in our practice, the risk of bruising has been greatly minimized, thus also reducing the downtime in the job and private life, as well as the pain of treatment.