What methods are behind the many terms ?

MCX blood facial

Many different names for therapies are currently being published in the press, and they are often mixed up with each other. Behind them are actually only two different therapy systems, which have in common that they are based on the therapeutic use of own blood. In both methods, a small amount of blood is first taken from an arm vein and immediately afterward the blood cells are stimulated to form healing substances that are then injected back into the patient.

regeneration & rejuvenation by own efforts

The difference lies above all in the healing substances and the resulting effect on skin and tissue: The MCX blood facial/Plasma Lift/Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Lift/MCX blood facial works with a plasma concentrate of thrombocytes. In the Scaddle Lift + proteins developed by Dr. Sturm, the therapy is based on a plasma of leukocytes. Both methods have their justification, they clearly set different therapy focuses and depths of effectiveness and are more or less suitable depending on the individual findings.

MCX blood facial – the meso-lift variant

The MCX blood facial or Plasma Lift is the medical-cosmetic variant. Plasma from thrombocytes extracted from the patient’s blood is injected intradermally into the dermis in the form of a meso lift, i.e. either pure or in combination with stabilized hyaluronic acid for deep moisturization, depending on the findings. The platelets release growth factors at the treated site, which initiate the renewal of skin cells and stimulate collagen production. As a result, the texture of the skin improves, it gains new elasticity, the entire skin appearance becomes finer. MCX blood facial is therefore a holistic mesotherapy for a firmer and finer-pored skin texture, using platelets from your own body. The injections are more superficial than with Scaddle Lift. Images from the press showing bloodstained faces are above all an interesting marketing gag, because the plasma used no longer bears any resemblance to blood, it is a yellowish serum.

Scaddle Lift + proteins

The Scaddle Lift was developed almost 10 years ago by Dr. Barbara Sturm and has since been used in our center as the most successful anti-aging therapy for skin, tissue and for face contour lifting. The preparation, which is prepared from the blood sample in the laboratory, is rich in leukocytes, i.e. white blood cells and growth factors, such as Tgf Beta. White blood cells play an essential role in inflammation. Since the process of aging is due to inflammatory processes in the body, therapy with anti-inflammatory agents plays a key role in anti-aging medicine. Related to the skin and subcutaneous tissue, inflammatory processes lead over time to tissue breakdown or tissue defects. Youthful volume is lost over the years, the skin cells no longer fulfill their function as they would in a young body. For example, they form fewer protective substances, produce less hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, etc.

The growth factors that are injected during the Scaddle Lift treatment set skin renewal processes in motion and therefore have an additional firming effect. Scaddle Lift treatment with the concentrated protein serum is carried out in combination with dermal fillers, such as volume-producing hyaluronic acid. The treatment has a restructuring effect, the face gains a youthful contour, at the same time the white blood proteins trigger a long-lasting regenerative and also protective anti-aging effect. The skin tissue is strengthened against damaging influences and becomes more functional again.

The advantage of both methods

Since the plasma in both therapy systems is obtained from the patient’s own blood, the serum used is hypoallergenic, i.e. highly compatible. It is the self-healing powers of the body that are used here. The treatment can be carried out in all areas, typical treatment regions are face, neck, décolleté, and back of the hand.