Young, fresh appearance is very important for many people today. Whether at work or privately, we want to appear healthy and attractive at all times. Unfortunately, age, stress, and environmental influences such as sunlight leave their mark. Over the years, the constantly repeated movements of the facial muscles also create unsightly wrinkles, such as crow’s feet next to the eyes.

Skin aging proceeds very differently from person to person, it is determined by both genetic and external influences. For this reason, great importance should be attached to prevention in the context of wrinkle treatment. Modern wrinkle treatment can significantly reduce the traces of time. Wrinkle treatment now offers a wide range of possibilities for treating undesired skin changes. With gentle, gentle methods, experienced beauty doctors achieve a natural, youthful overall appearance. In most cases, this is done without a scalpel: wrinkles are smoothed, contours are sharpened and volume is restored.

The most important elements of wrinkle treatment

High-quality facial care

The basis of all anti-aging activities at any age should be the thorough, daily care of the skin. The facial skin in particular needs cleansing, care, and protection, for example against too much sun. It is important that the facial care is free of superfluous additives and that it activates the skin cells. The combination of cleansing foam or cleansing lotion, day cream, and night care prevent premature wrinkle formation. Regular peelings and cures with hyaluronic acid serum additionally provide moisture and an improved appearance of the skin.


Hardly any other wrinkle treatment is as versatile as mesotherapy. The great advantage is that the therapy can be individually adapted to each patient. With an individual cocktail of active ingredients, the microinjections contain exactly the substances that are best for the patient. Professional mesotherapy is particularly suitable for the treatment of small wrinkles and for refreshing the skin.

Laser treatment

Laser wrinkle treatment has been tried and tested for many years, and this type of therapy is still being developed further. The latest generation of lasers consists of very gentle devices that gently treat skin changes. The first signs of skin aging can also be effectively counteracted in younger years.

Wrinkle injection

Wrinkle injections with Botox® and with hyaluronic acid offer good possibilities for wrinkle treatment. With Botox®, for example, mimic wrinkles can be effectively smoothed. Hyaluronic acid is excellently suited to compensate for volume loss in the facial contours and thus indirectly makes even deeper wrinkles “disappear”. Wrinkle treatment with Botox® and hyaluronic acid should only be carried out by experienced beauty doctors to achieve a natural effect without side effects.


The importance of physical prevention should not be underestimated in wrinkle treatment. Everybody should take care of daily life and nutrition not to strain their skin unnecessarily. Modern genetic diagnostics are available for individual prevention programs. On the basis of hereditary factors, aging processes and diseases can be prevented.