based on Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular medicine combines nutrition science with medicine. Nutrition scientists use the scientific method to study the process of diet, digestion, and human metabolism. An imbalance of nutrients can have various root causes, such as an unbalanced diet or a lifestyle associated with the intake of unhealthy meals. An often-overlooked fact is that not all ingested nutrients will be absorbed into the bloodstream, a necessary step in order for these nutrients to reach the cells that need them. The gastrointestinal tract plays a vital role in the resorption of nutrients. If, for example, the intestines are not functioning properly, the ingested nutrients won’t be adequately absorbed into the body. Possible causes for such disorders of absorption include inflammatory diseases of the stomach or intestinal mucosa, as well as bacterial overgrowth. As a result, the intestinal flora that we need to help us break down and absorb nutrients is partially displaced by pathological bacteria.

In addition to malabsorption, there are many other causes of nutrient deficiencies. Excessive alcohol intake and certain medications can cause a vitamin or mineral deficiency and caffeine can often be the reason for an imbalance in nutrient levels, as caffeine increases the excretion of important minerals. Smokers can develop a vitamin C and zinc deficiency. Pregnancy, nursing, and physical growth are examples of unique situations in which the body has a higher nutrient requirement compared to normal. Increased demand for nutrients also occurs in individuals undergoing an illness, significant physical or psychological stress, and even intense exercise. In these situations, an increase in demand without an equal increase in supply can lead to states of nutrient deficiency.

Depending on the kind of lifestyle that a patient leads or the kind of deficiency symptoms they demonstrate, supplementation with various vitamins and minerals may be indicated. This supplementation can be given intravenously with an IV drip. Infusion therapy is carried out in a doctor’s office under medical supervision and takes about 30 to 60 minutes. A repeat treatment can be scheduled after two weeks depending on the patient’s condition and nutritional state.

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