Nowadays, most cases of varicose veins can be gently treated without the need for an operation. A simple and established treatment modality is known as sclerotherapy. This technique involves injecting a special compound into the varicosity which essentially glues the vessel wall shut from the inside. As a result, the varicose vein is closed off to the circulation and degenerates over time into a strand of connective tissue. This process is known as sclerosis. With time, the body breaks down this connective tissue and the vein essentially disappears.

This treatment method is minimally invasive and works great on small vessels such as spider veins. It is recommended to wear compression stockings for a given time after sclerotherapy. In some cases, the skin over the length of the treated vein can become discolored, appearing lighter or, more commonly, darker than the surrounding skin. This side effect is more common in darker skin types or in tan areas. However, these color changes are in most cases temporary and resolve on their own without further treatment.

Price: starting at 195€